Friday, July 7, 2017

Posted Plastic

        Letting go of the flow to be taken up with the stream. Worry is no place for your feet unless its defeat you seek. She fears the mirror for its truth reflects her self deceit. Pointed fingers a coat rack. Fingered all who cross her path. Manipulating internal processors.

       Bent over backwards in show of ego. A broken mold adorned with gold. Not good enough to be enough. Affirmations of troubled past controls the egos path. As words of self deceit fly righteously. Painted fingers of pointed pasts aided by companion blasts with words of broken arrows. Dodged land mines only to find painted mirrors of colored lies and tied up life vines. Veils of hurt lined lips trips & splits into your air and clouds plume from deep in you. A fume stagnant, a pungent stench from which your lips slipped

Unforgiveness revealed in tone breaking every bone.  Unforgiveness very well known even when your all alone. Goddess of cant be blamed, its time to rise up and live again. Regrow your mane and stand in divinity once again in sovereignty..
                                                FREELY with GOD in Thee!