Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Blind Reflection of Introspection - A message for Mishala

Mirrored disgust full of lust. It has just begun. Yet hung and spun by slobbering lies. Weaving twists in ties breezing by. Jezebel fluttering in a silent heart race. Racing for the inner space each beat creates. Screaming self defeat and angry deceit. Smelling like a putrefied piece of fleshy meat. Daggered lies roar by screaming of superiority over thee. Fucking my self in a hat of lookie loo's and I can do better than yous', then justify why it seems to be true. Becoming you from yesterday in my today.  Left standing with no one to blame except the fame of the ego. The pride died following the ego and the eagles feast among the sheep. Plucked out all spoiled meat. Nothing left but wolves feet beneath the sheets. So much self deceit. Hurts in every beat. Such a toxic release of spirituality quantum flows of microscopic energy passing through the minds eye.

Imbalanced scales set full of sails can not compare to your dualistic mentality. Sitting freely and friendly harmoniously complementing me. Above a mountain top soaring above heads. Bait and hook's in your head. Floods of heads streaming below me, while tears flow from me flooding her. Harmoniously sky water flowing free. As air lifts my wing, we float as one big ass sea. Winged we be I am that, I am. You see a sea of you and me its we that are the I am that is which we be.

Mirrored creation dancing in space time like a fucking NEON SIGN.  A living past in present. Disharmony in garden fully dressed. A beautiful hot mess. She'll never rest, even when you close the chest. A legacy reborn torn from the horn. Reborn, rebORN, REBORN!!! Regenerated creator in you! Freshly black and blue from the tunnel of whence you traversed to this plain.

                        ..................................MISHALA! I call unto thee and command your strength to rise up from the depth within me. From Source. From Creation. I CALL YOU FORTH FULLY, INTIMATLY. FULLY FORM IN ME. ITS TIME TO BE!!! I COMMAND YOU TO BE FREE! So it is.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Posted Plastic

        Letting go of the flow to be taken up with the stream. Worry is no place for your feet unless its defeat you seek. She fears the mirror for its truth reflects her self deceit. Pointed fingers a coat rack. Fingered all who cross her path. Manipulating internal processors.

       Bent over backwards in show of ego. A broken mold adorned with gold. Not good enough to be enough. Affirmations of troubled past controls the egos path. As words of self deceit fly righteously. Painted fingers of pointed pasts aided by companion blasts with words of broken arrows. Dodged land mines only to find painted mirrors of colored lies and tied up life vines. Veils of hurt lined lips trips & splits into your air and clouds plume from deep in you. A fume stagnant, a pungent stench from which your lips slipped

Unforgiveness revealed in tone breaking every bone.  Unforgiveness very well known even when your all alone. Goddess of cant be blamed, its time to rise up and live again. Regrow your mane and stand in divinity once again in sovereignty..
                                                FREELY with GOD in Thee!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


In this moment of time fighting the climb. You said it's hard? You who's never been anything but blue. I've left you in the valley alone and deserted. Once you were freed along came the me that made you bleed. Pulling scabs like the crab from yester year, right fucking here. I'm a bear over protect one to smother lover lined trees that shed leaves barren in vulnerability. Help! I want you free of me, pull the scab of me and bleed free of me. Grow wings from me and fly throughout the universal ocean fleeing me. Be rid of me. The cold ass breeze that brought you to your knees, me. You and me. You.

Born perfect. You deserve perfect. Born from a crack in the foundation you alone are a nation. Graceful power amidst the chaotic struggle. From a foundation that bleeds envy, greed and self pity. Beauty born torn from deep in me. Foundation of self pity and self victimization.  The hurdle and block. And so I'm off the path. No more harm to come from my phantom illusions of love and grandeur. Sun rises over the horizon. See the Poor Pitiful Pearl at the end of the harbor. See the sun come up over the horizon. To love you is enough. So dream and let it be. Create your beauty and be free of toxicity. Receive a constant flow of positive energy from the God that breathes.

Bless on you .... I bless all fucking over you cuz its all I can do is send love through earth, air and water to reach you. Stabbing pain of un-forgiveness at my breast. I can't forgive me, fully ever for the pain I've brought upon your life. How I've altered your spirit is unforgivable. The one beautiful creation I tried cremation. One day you'll be through beating the fuck outta you. I'm in the trees so shut the fuck up and feel the breeze and listen to me sing. I fucking love all over you and know its foreign soil. SO you erect a KORRIN WALL. Your right, make it real tall. I'm . . .

                                  Aboard the Pearl...
                                  Amidst the ocean. . .
                                  Flowing with the breeze ...
                                  I pray you free . . .
                                  Devine love flows. . .
                                  Direct to you.
                                  I leave you...
                                  Quantum love energy.