Thursday, September 29, 2016

Words in Tone

Forever effected by your afflictions
Rivers of words in tonal flow
In line with what you refuse to know
Words a flow
Flow down tone.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Rico Remedy

We've weathered many storms since my last remedy. . . . . . . .

        The universal mirror emulates a time forgotten. Confessing my deepest affliction. Its tenderness is as that of strawberries bruised and at their sweetest point. One bite gushing deliverance of water rushes over me. Hairs fully immersed, my head, neck, back and feet. Deep within this deluged cave's hidden a relief. Petrified to brave the journey I shall not retreat.

        Courageous admittance of debility prior to self sabotaging defeat. An honorary act of self love & humility rather than of self defeat. Coursing through me universal energy caps my head as forethought of construction form roofing above the bed. Nestle me under arm instead. Worlds apart unite one sight visioned with bridges full of delight.

        Embrace your grace. This is but a moment, a breath, so embrace sacred space. Birthing forward a time untold. So bold life as you wrap tight arms across breasts. . . and there she rests. Pressed together tight still and silent our breath and energies unite.

        Universal energy flowing freely as vulnerability meets inhibition. A fairy dust deluxe pulse throbs below and so i clench together my knees once more. And together we walk through the door. As divine creators covet their thrown. A remedy we have found once having lost our egos crown.  

        Yet to the wind I've blown ........KCR