Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fearless . .... ...

Sitting in this cloud the music's so loud,
twisted finger typing and there's no sound.
Get clearer in my head,
but once I'ma outta bed.
Bluebird wings floored outside
absent in heavenly body.
Have I just received a gift or
have I witnessed the birth of a premonition?
Clarity fills me like smoke does my lungs.
The hearts rocking this chair,
feels like breathing hair.
Silks fly still above,
like a hovering mother.
Clouding blue skies
with every cloud
stabbing my back.
Casting shadows, casted out.
Courageous is as she's done.
Hearts flying,
suspended mid air
in a time warp
where clarity is
a foggy haze and
actions rest on
our highest intention.
Acting fearlessly
as we proceed!       

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