Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Am..... the I Am

       I am is a huge statement. Not only is it a statement to the world but its also a statement to the self. Its the most powerful three letters there ever will be. When I begin a statement with, "I am", I tend to be care full of what follows. We have some iconic examples of the words, "I Am" being used through out history. The biggest being in the bible. Crack one open and see for your self. Yes, when Jesus said I Am he meant it. Most people who believe in Jesus and or God dont act as if they are followers.
       I have learned that most of the followers of the I Am are full of fears; as most of us are, yet they tend to hide behind the fears. Rendering themselves powerless to the I am.  What the hell do I mean? What I am saying is that as a "follower" of the I Am, we could be empowered by those two words. I am ... a follower of Christ; just an example. The biggest lesson in the bible seems to be that from Jesus. He tought us that we are creators. That we have more power than we can even fathom.
       Without judgment of life sucks or I wish I were this and or that.....Here is a great way to change our circumstances, where ever you are at this moment reading this blog, take a few moments to close your eyes (no music or intentional white noise) remember a time when you felt joy or really happy. Allow all that positivity to fill you up like a glass of water would an empty cup. When you feel as though you may be full of this happy joyous feeling then hold that physical feeling within your self and think of a thing you desire to be.
       If its a monetary goal than picture your self looking at the desired amount in your bank account or in your hands and recall the smell of crisp bills. If its a chance meeting; imagine your self in the middle of this meeting in a full blown conversation. If your desire is to be in the tropics on a dream vacation; with this happy joyous feeling still full inside you picture your self there enjoying the suns rays on your skin and imagine the smells and sounds you would hear. 
       Why? Because that happy feeling that filled you up is actually the I Am with in you. Yes you are a creator. You can create your reality using your emotions. That happy joyous feeling is the power to drive things into materialization.  If you can picture it in a positive state of mind than it can become a reality. I like to mini manifest. How I do this is when I'm overcome with a really good feeling, I will say, "I am worthy of all of this joy" or "I Am healthy" or "I Am successful in all that I decide to do in life". You know that old saying," try and try again" or "if at first you don't succeed try & try again"? Well who ever it was that coined those phrases was spot on.
       There is no need to become frustrated or discouraged. That would defeat the purpose and the happy joyous feeling would be gone like a helium balloon on a windy day. If you begin to feel discouraged, stop and do something else and come back to it. Begin again with the extremely happy moment & allow it to fill you once more and once again while full of this positive energy, focus on the end result of what you desire to attain in life.
       Remember, at the end of every attempt allow it to be left in those moments. Do not drag it around through out the day thinking or planning it out. Leave it alone until the next time you have reserved to manifest. If you do not leave it alone, you may cause yourself  frustration and dis-empower the actual time you reserve each day for the new experience of invoking the happy joyous feeling for the sake of  new life creation. I would encourage you to start a special manifestation journal strictly reserved for this time and document all that you envisioned. You are gods and you are the I Am. It says so in may doctrines of many faiths. Happy creations and Peace be. Comments welcomed.

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