Saturday, March 7, 2015

Two Years Crystal Crown

       In two years, has been a life time. What have I learned? I've learned to question everything. Why, is an OK question to ask. The only reason we are told to not ask why, is probably because the receivers of this question don't have an answer or don't know how to ask why themselves. I believe the journey in life is to include this word; why. With out the why we would not have science or cures or pain or pleasure. With out why we would all be dead. Why blog? Why wake up every morning? Why love? Why dream? Why meditate? Why live a life of service? Why do we believe in hell? Why do we believe in heaven? Why believe they are separate? Why have hierarchy? Why a mother and a father? Why no fathers? Why no mothers? Why have children? Why self medicate? Why live today? Why protect our hearts? Why protect our young? WHY? Why not ask why?
       I have learned that to live is to ask why. I have learned that to feel is to live. I have learned that it is possible for all the joy in the world to find its way into one persons heart. I've learned that all the sorrow of the world can drown one soul. I have learned that despite all that feeling, one soul can still dream of  fairy tales. I've learned that after a lifetime of hopelessness, darkness, loneliness, sickness and unimaginable pain; one soul can live on. Searching for the truth. Searching for the right fit. One soul can live life times searching. One soul can rise above the depths of despair. What I've learned is magical and beautiful. So, I live for my why. Awaiting its arrival through the glassed doors open below me to be elevated before me and sore with me into forever seas.
       Staring at the stars and the moon in the sky asking why? Why be allowed to see such wonder? Why do birds have wings and not lizards? As I sit, wrapped up in my zebra striped circle of safety, within this box, I am comforted by knowing all is with me. All is in me. I am that. Feeling overwhelmed with emotion. Energy in motion with in me, coming through me, flowing freely. Wanting to break free from not seeing the veils that cover my eyes. Death comes to me each night and yet I stay and play like a robot with a conscious. Breaking all the rules of confinement. My crystal energy filling me freely like rip tides. To see all the doors below me opened up to me years ago, but you see I would have to come down from this dream to go with the flow.
         I am right where I am to be. No finger lifted as kinetic energy shifts me to a world existing yet unknown to materialize before me. Crystals shine particles of the life awaiting me. In my jeep, I ride the mud and the snow up further still watching the birds swim by and the fish fly; I know why. Standing at the windowed door with no handle, waiting impatiently for the why to be revealed to me. Knowing the unknown ultimate purpose rides through this mountain in me. Whats seen is familiar and uncomfortable to me, so I peer on through all the glass cages with doors opened up below me. Waiting for the why to come join me. Makes sense to me to just be, I am that. And so it is.

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