Saturday, March 21, 2015

Elevated Etheric Sexuality

       Shame and guilt creep in and linger. When we think we are all done with them they seem to have nestled in another location of our minds or we have discovered yet another place its resided in our minds. They seem to cling to little things like, " Am I too short?", " am I too fat?", Do I know enough?" " Am I standing confidently enough?", " Am I too fat?", " Don't look at my feet.", " Don't look at my gut.", Don't look at the way I walk.", " Am I clean enough?", "Do I smell good?", and  Blah blah blah. I think my point is clear.  
       All these types of thoughts are guilt and shame & seem to cause us some fear. In a way we begin to feel like we are wrong or not getting it, thus increasing the feelings of guilt and shame all while feeding our fears. When we are in this emotional state of being we miss out on the moment. When we doubt ourselves we become starving children; suffering at the hand of none other than ourselves. Yes, I get that these thoughts were handed down by our elders or those who raised us, but now as adults we get to choose whats true for our own thoughts. We can choose to no longer suffer. Most of the rules we have laid out before us don't even belong to us. I am at a point in life of which I am choosing to figure out what "is" true for me.
       Starting with sex. Yup I said it... SEX! I feel like there has to be more to sex than what I know. I know what I have experienced and i know it well and can do it well. Yet I'm bored with it and would be OK living a life with out it. I am a fully functioning sexual being and can climax just fine. I know what it takes to get there and know what to do to get my partner there. Still its boring. I am at an enriched spiritual existence in life and want the sexual being within me to be enriched also. This is where fear shows up for me. In order to experience an enriched etheric sexual self  I must be willing to be vulnerable; I must be a vulnerable student and fully give of myself in the moment and do my best to not label the etheric sexual experience.
       What do I mean when I say label the etheric experience? I mean when lying there feeling vulnerable and knowing you don't know what to do or how to be simply experience it and do not get in to the mental battle of saying to your self , "what do I do now?" or "how do I act?". Simply exist and experience the new experience. Notice how all of you is responding to the moment. Any tingling? Any heart flutters? How about your fingers? Focus on the feeling and notice your breathing. An etheric sexual experience is with out labels. There is no end goal. There really is no reason to place the label of past experiences on the enriched etheric sexual experience.
       I believe accepting my self as I am is key to enriching my sexual experiences in this life. I believe letting it all go is vital to growth. This arouses fear yet my intent is that I will face it and be fully present for an enriched etheric sexual existence with out labels. Peace

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